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Where We Work


We focus domestically in Santa Barbara, Kern, Fresno and Kings Counties in California.
Our international giving occurs in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Haiti.

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Grant Guidelines

The SG Foundation recently changed its philanthropic strategy and we are working on an update to the guidelines on this website.  The current guidelines are relevant to only a portion of the SG budget.  No unsolicited proposals will be accepted for the immediate future and we will soon clarify the new direction SG is taking.  Questions can be addressed to Pamela Grattan or Caleigh Hernandez (see Contact info).


Site Visit Before Funding

Although we are not accepting unsolicited proposals, we welcome a letter of intent or introduction in areas where we work.  If approved, your organization will be placed on our list of potential partners to visit when we are on-site.  On-site visits are a valued part of our due diligence.


Commitment to M&E

We prioritize organizations that are making a concerted effort to monitor their impact, evaluate their results and adjust as necessary. 

We require an annual Progress Report to update us on your successes, challenges and impact.


Serving The Poor

The program for which funds are requested must target groups or communities at or below poverty level.  

It is strongly preferred that the proposed project improve the quality of life, e.g., community development through education, healthcare, job creation, agriculture, housing, & water. 


Strong Financials & Partnerships

Organizations with well established partners (including funders, fellow nonprofits, churches, and/or government agencies) and low overhead rates (25% or under) are prioritized.

Grant requests should not exceed more than 50% of the project budget.​


Nonprofit Designation

The applying agency must be a US based 501(c)3 organization or affiliated with a fiscal sponsor designated 501(c)3.

Agencies with a Judeo-Christian influence on those they serve are preferred, but no grants will be given to religious programs solely for the purpose of proselytizing.

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One Year Increments

Grants will be issued for one year only, even if the project covers a multi-year plan.  Multi-year grants will be evaluated year-by-year based on progress reports.


We have a three year funding pattern: three consecutive years of funding followed by a three year hiatus in funding.  This is a guideline and not a strict policy.  The point is simply to encourage our partners to develop a broad funding base while discouraging dependency on SG.  We stay in touch with our partners during the hiatus period.

Grants will not be considered for the following areas:  endowment funds, political or lobbying programs, to any individual, to private foundations, to religious programs with the primary purpose of proselytization.  


All grant applications must follow the SG proposal guidelines and all proposals go through a competitive review process.  The SG Foundation reserves the right to approve or disapprove any proposal.

If you have questions about whether or not a proposal will be accepted, please Contact Us

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