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Grant Overview

We are not currently accepting unsolicited grant requests. If you are interested in being considered for a grant under the new SG strategy, please Contact Us with an overview of your organization. 

Before submitting a proposal, please thoroughly review our Grant Guidelines

Grant Application


Cover Sheet

Please complete the Proposal Cover Sheet


Proposal Narrative

Introduce your agency and project including the following:

  • The project for which you are seeking funds.  Include an estimate of how many people will benefit, why these services are needed, how community involvement is secured, and anticipated long term benefits.

  • How to measure your impact. This will be used as a benchmark the following year when we review progress.  

  • Key program personnel and their qualifications

(5 pages maximum please)


Supporting Documents

Attach the following support documents:

  • Your top level budget for the current year showing revenue and expense in US dollars

  • The budget for your specific project including revenue and expense in US dollars

  • A copy of your most recent form 990 plus current year financial data if the most recent tax return is more than 9 months old

  • If you are new to SG, please tell us about current sources of funding for your work, e.g., foundations, corporations, government funding, individuals

  • Optional: Your Annual Report and/or other materials you wish to share with SG Foundation such as photographs or videos of your work, site maps of program locations, etc., may be included.

Submit your proposal by email to and


Once the complete packet is received, determined to be a match with SG interests, and all questions answered, the proposal will be scheduled for a full board review.

Our Process

The Proposal Review Committee will be looking for several key elements.


  • Positive site visit

  • Confirmed 501(c)(3) status or appropriate fiscal sponsorship status

  • Services help the people living at or below the poverty line

  • Cost per beneficiary is reasonable

  • Agency overhead rate is reasonable at 25% or less 

  • Long term benefits are anticipated and impact measurement is defined

  • Past operational and financial performance of agency are sound

  • Agency has established the need for a grant

We invite you to submit your proposal at any time as we do not have deadlines. We make a concerted effort to respond to all proposals within sixty days.

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