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Proposal Guidelines

Please review our Grant Focus Area section to determine if your non-profit organization qualifies for a grant from the SG Foundation. Then follow these instructions:

Introduce your agency with a 1-5 page description of what you do, how long you have been doing it, where geographically your work is done, and how successful you have been at accomplishing your goals.

Provide specific details regarding the project for which you are seeking funds. Include a description of the project, when the project will begin and end, where it is, and who will benefit. Include an estimate of how many people will benefit, why these services are needed, how you will measure the success of the program, and an assessment of the long term benefits. Include a description of the key personnel and their qualifications. For international projects, address how many personnel are indigenous.

Attach the following support documents:

  1. Your top level budget for the current year showing agency revenue and expense

  2. The budget for the specific project including anticipated income and expenses

  3. A copy of your federal tax exempt determination letter documenting 501(c)(3) status

  4. A copy of your most recent Form 990 plus current year financial statements if the financial data in the most recent tax return is more than 9 months old

  5. If you are new to the SG Foundation, please tell us about current sources of funding for your work, i.e., foundations or organizations currently supporting your organization, government funding, donations from individuals

  6. Optional: You may include your annual report and other materials such as photographs, site maps, DVDs, etc.

It is not necessary but you are welcome to submit a hard copy of your complete proposal to:

Pamela Grattan, Executive Director
SG Foundation
PO Box 284
Solvang, CA 93464

Please submit as much of your proposal as possible by email attachment to 

Once your complete proposal is processed by our Programs Analyst it will be submitted to the Proposal Review Committee who will determine if there is a good match with SG Foundation interests. If approved by the committee your proposal will be scheduled for a full board review. Any questions and the decision of the board will be communicated after the meeting. We try to respond to all proposals within ninety days of receipt.

The Proposal Review Committee will be looking for several key elements:

  • Confirmed 501(c)3 status

  • Services help the poor and are needed

  • Cost per client is reasonable

  • Agency overhead rate is reasonable

  • The project is well thought out and employs experienced personnel

  • Long term benefits are anticipated

  • The financial need for the grant is established

  • Public support is the primary source of revenue for the agency

  • The grant request is within SG Foundation usual range of funding

  • Past operational and financial performance of agency are sound

  • The format of the proposal and its clarity are acceptable

Thank you for considering a partnership with SG Foundation to help the poorest of the poor to help themselves. We invite you to submit your proposal at any time as we do not have deadlines. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us. See Contact Us for details.

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